Playing With ICE RESIN®


My mother sent me some ICE RESIN® to play with recently and I thought I would share what I made with it! I had an art journal that I have been playing in, but the cover really needed to be decorated and after I made my resin pieces, I thought they were perfect for it!


I used one of  the ICE RESIN® mixed metal bezels, colored the inside of it with some white alcohol ink, and then adhered some Susan Lenart Kazmer Belles Dames Francaise collage paper along the inside of the bezel. * My mother actually suggested adding the white alcohol ink because this would help the collage paper show up a little better and the colors stay brighter after I added the resin!


Next, I decided to color a smaller mixed metal bezel with some white alcohol ink as well because I thought it might help whatever I decided to cover it with show up a little more and make it brighter!


I covered the metal bezel with some ICED ENAMELS®



* Then I decided to fill the empty little square with some German Glass Glitter!



I glued the smaller bezel to the inside of the larger one, and then I filled the whole thing with ICE RESIN®.
It was super easy to use actually, and my 9 year old daughter even joined in on the fun and made her own mixed metal bezel pendant!


Now I did help her just a bit, but she picked out all the elements for it and told me where to put them and even helped me mix and stir the resin!



I know…it’s been like forever since I’ve blogged, but I’ve just been taking a little break I guess you could say and trying to focus on everything Family! I have the mother/daughter retreat coming up and since I’ve started planning and working on things for that, it has sort of stirred up my imagination again and inspired me to start creating more.

Creatively Yours,

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