“Creative Backgrounds” (#1)

Since I like to play around with all sorts of mediums, I find myself drawn to creating fun and interesting backgrounds for my scrapbook layouts. Now I will be honest and say that I don’t always use the backgrounds I create in a timely manner (usually I don’t even have a layout in mind or any kind of plan)…but I just love making them and I always feel inspired to use them at some point.

I like to create new backgrounds when I’m looking for inspiration, or just need to try something new. I love the process of experimenting and they give me lots of ideas to use later on various art projects. So I wanted to start sharing my “Creative Backgrounds” even though I can’t promise when I may actually have a finished project to show you. When I make these I call it my creative playing and it’s a true passion of mine!

* {Gesso/Splatter Background}
…note: I first saw this technique demonstrated several months ago, but more recently again on one of my favorite blogs – The Green Frog Studio

I started by cutting some patterned papers into strips and then adhering them to a white sheet of cardstock.

This is what it looked like after I had all the papers in place.

Next, I used a small palette knife to pick up some gesso and placed a glob of it on my non-stick craft sheet. Then I used a plastic card to pick up some of the gesso and gently scrapped it back and forth on to my papers until I was satisfied with the results. Note: If you want more of the paper to show then apply less gesso…and if you get too much on the first time you can just use the card to scrape it right back off, however you have to do this quickly because the thin layer of gesso dries super quick!

After it’s dry, I sprayed a couple different colors of spray ink around the page. I varied the weight of my finger on the top of the spray bottle so that sometimes I applied a fine mist, and sometimes I ended up with larger puddles of the ink. I also dipped my art toothbrush into a small portion of ink that I had sprayed onto my craft mat and then splattered more of it around the page while brushing my fingers across the bristles.

This was the end result and I have to say I thought it came out really cool. In fact I used this same background technique to complete another layout shortly after, however I have submitted that layout so unfortunately I can not share it just yet.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and happy creating!

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